Millennials Want Production Politics, Not Party Politics

It has become apparent that many opponents to the former Republican candidate, now President Donald Trump have solidified their outright mistrust and serious, savage unfavorable opinion of him. People took to the streets in the hundreds of thousands protesting a factual matter than cannot be overturned. Even some of the so-called Hollywood elite are Trump bashing in the streets. For example, weeks ago when Madonna told a crowd of protesters against the inauguration of the president that she has, “thought of blowing up the White House.” Regardless of your opinion of President Trump or the current administration, you cannot shout out such things regarding a sitting president – that’s just an issue of national security. It’s all fun and games to sling mud at candidate Trump or candidate Clinton, but when they are elected into office, it must stop. Of course, she is a member of what the drive-by media claims “Party of Inclusion” stuffed full of youths excited by the liberal-driven fearmongering that has been the Democrat campaign strategy. It seems the “Vote or Die” campaign is back with a willingness to destroy private property with firebombs bought on George Soros’ credit card.

For those like Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) who believe they, “don’t see Donald Trump as a legitimate president,” the electoral college must be abolished because it is an antiquated, unabashed disregard of the will of the people in modern times. Though, is this completely accurate? The reason why elections in the United States are guided by an electoral college is because the U.S. is a continental country with pockets of mass community centers on the coasts and vast stretches of sparsely-populated areas in the middle. According to a post-election count by the New York Times, if the votes from L.A. County (Los Angeles), Alameda County (San Francisco), Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx (New York City) were discarded, Donald Trump would be ahead of Hillary Clinton by nearly 200,000 votes in the popular election. There is no conspiracy in part of the Russians, there is no ulterior motive from the “alt-right” nor does it even exist, there is no illegitimacy to Trump’s presidency, and there is no respect for the liberals who believe rude comments of his wife and children hold any weight in world where “fake news” is clogging the minds of America’s young and uninformed. Also, to respond to whatever “gate” has been named to the wiretapping of Trump Tower, look up former Obama Administration drone Evelyn Farkas interviewing on MSNBC – rant complete.

It is time to rid the mainstream media of party politics and usher in production politics. I am hopeful that President Trump’s moral standing as a leader of the country and all the free nations shows people that doing what you say you are going to do goes a long way.

Millennials are so uncomfortable thinking about considering the outreach of either the Democratic or Republican party because the outcome is always the same. Party politics dictate the way we need to think, not the other way around. The organic data that is the lifeblood of politics is polling. Polling has become such a science that its numbers and variables that now show the “feelings” of the constituency. As Karl Rove would suggest, you can create any poll to show the results you want. All of this is “fake news” and hogwash; it amounts it absolutely nothing other than its distortion of the factual nature of reality.

In the case of the Affordable Care Act and the Trump Administration’s attempt to repeal and replace the bill with a Republican-created bill, it was the first completely political-minded move that had the bill killed. All Democrats opposed the bill, naturally. However, the Republican now have the House, the Senate, the presidency, and soon the majority on the Supreme Court after the conformation of Judge Neil Gorsuch. The Freedom Caucus does one thing very good – opposing ideas. These ideologues now make it clear to the public that they value their own ideology over production and giving the American constituency what it is voting them in to accomplish.

I do not agree with Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) taking a page out of the book of Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and claiming that they need to pass phase one to find out what’s in phase two – I call bushleague. Trump is right in threatening the Freedom Caucus with a primary in their representatives respective districts. Although I’m disgusted by Trump’s backtrack on his promise to repeal and replace immediately, I will give the president the benefit of the doubt just 70 days into office.

Millennials are tired of having to pick which side is better or which party will let me down the least. The problem with politics is politics itself. Aristotle claimed humans were political animals, acting on speech and reason. Though, political debate is only as good as the idea that becomes produce as a consequence. If debate is the only action that has occurred, production has not happened – the thing we want most.

By Alex Lemieux

Originally published by Millennial Ascent


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