Beyond Trump: A Rebirth of Republicanism In The Modern Era

Republican presidential nominee and Billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump is coming breathtakingly close to becoming the 45th President of the United States of America. Throughout the primary season, he was heavily doubted, mercifully chastised, and thrown out as a substantial candidate due to his unprecedented character in the political limelight. Nevertheless, every tortuous undertaking that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, liberally-biased mainstream media, and each of the 16 Republican presidential candidates and other office-holding republican congressman and congresswomen took to defame Trump only worked to his benefit. The Trump name has also been branded around the world and is seen on television in countless reality shows, dozens of businesses and institutions around the country. He has also had political pundits and social elites asking him about running for president since the 1988 Republican National Convention. Therefore, his character has been regarded as public domain for decades – he has nothing to hide, unlike other government figures. Trump is the contrapositive of commonplace political narrative. Due to the shakeup of status quo ideals Trump can lead the Republican Party into the modern era for the next generation.

Trump’s outsider status is bringing a new style of political rhetoric and thinking to presidential diplomacy. Some of the normal rank-in-file in Congress are vehemently opposed to a Donald Trump administration and have gone so far to disavow the candidate for their own party to support and possibly even hosts fundraisers for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. An all out offensive is currently being waged by the Democrats in an attempt to tear down the walls and shake the core of Trump and his campaign. Though, he has always seen the world with the cards stacked against him, even when they are in his favor.

In the first Republican presidential debate, he was hit immediately with questions regarding his treatment towards women and going so far as an attempt to destroy his character on national television. In a typical situation, he would slowly trickle down the drain of failed presidential candidates. Trump is a fighter – someone who will not back down from a challenge, regardless of how grand or petty. Although he may fumble the ball on occasion, he avoids getting intercepted like the former first lady. Trump goes into a situation not knowing what the variables are, but creating them as he goes. For example, when entering the race, he slammed the door in the face of the innkeeper at the right-wing side of Congress. He requested no aid because he needed none. Three billion dollars of nationally-televised airtime was dedicated to Trump during the nomination season. He created the story around him and branding every news outlet as either an endorser or an enemy of his grand vision.

The Republican presidential nominee has made it his mission to “Make America Great Again.” This is not only a vision to be pursued in this nation, but a rebirth of a society. The United States is at a global precipice over which she must traverse in order to stay relevant has the leader of the free world through the rest of the 21st century. A nation rebuilding plan is a must. Resetting the fundamental infrastructure of a nation is an imperative need for this country. For example, a strong standing military, maintained highways, bridges, and dams, a tremendous education system, and an well-endowed, enduring economy. President Obama promised an 800 billion dollar infrastructure package to ensure the voters they were supporting an “America first” candidate. However, every embarrassing catastrophe after another proves the administration had absolutely no intention of investing in its own people. For example, the lead contamination in Michigan which caused Flint River crisis that has affected thousands of children that are now at risk for serious health problems. The United States cannot lead from the front if the framework of the public infrastructure system is crumbling.

Though, more importantly, there is desperate need for the reinstitution of the fundamental American values on which this country was founded. The notions of working for a living and “paying dues” have become nearly worthless in communities that have been politically exploited for decades. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment feel the need to victimize minorities and the less-affluent to assert their power. Typically during liberal administrations, economically speaking, the discretionary budget is levied more towards social program budgets, such as welfare and social security. With their coffers stuffed full, the disenfranchised and impoverished members of society have money thrown at them from the government, which only elongates the suffering of living below the poverty line. In the decades since the Great Society, incentives have been given to those receiving aid via the welfare system. For example, the more children one bears, the higher the amount of money is given to the “family.” Moreover, the disability program crafted by the liberal elite penalizes citizens for working even a small amount – something that gives a person value. Single motherhood in the African-American community has tripled in the decades since the Civil Rights Movement. The Democratic Party has proven for years they thrive on oppressing the virtue in citizens that are fed by their hand. If Trump believes winning is above all else, Clinton believes being needed is above all else — a dangerous historical impression.

The movement of which Trump has taken the lead is congruent with political history over the last 50 years. He stands in a natural ebb and flow of power in Presidency and the Legislature. Throughout American history, the two-party system has gone through three cycles. The Democratic Party, formerly the Democratic-Republicans, guided the country for most of the 19th century. In the years leading up to the Civil War, weak leadership in resulted in such reticence against the government, The Grand Ole Party, now modern Republicans, emerged from a third party out of distrust from the incumbent party. As antislavery and small government proponents, the Republicans were elected take the power in the executive branch and a majority in Congress from Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s abolition of the Civil War through the reconstruction period. When the Great Depression began 1929, the Democratic minority quickly became the majority after the election of FDR after big business, Carnegie-style Republicans were blamed for the economic crash.

In the early 1970’s, there was a great divide between liberals and conservatives. Following LBJ’s “Great Society,” the Vietnam War, and the fracturing of the Democratic Party, the nation was in turmoil. Backlash against President Johnson from his own party in the House and the Senate made it more probable the electorate would be in Richard Nixon’s favor. The same situation is happening in 2016. President Obama’s  New Deal-esque social welfare programs have included social security increases, creating the highest business tax rate in the industrialized world, and woefully inadequate Affordable Care Act. These are many of the reasons why the U.S. debt has risen to 19 trillion dollars. In 2010 and 2014 midterm elections, voters showed their distrust in the Democratic establishment by loading the House and the Senate with conservative constitutional Republicans. This enlarges the probability that a Republican candidate will win the presidency within the next three election cycles based on the political shift in the executive branch since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Moreover, after a lackluster second term of an incumbent Democrat president and the nominee of the Democratic Party being a cabinet member of the first term of the administration, increases greatly the likelihood of a GOP White House.

President Obama has left a power vacuum in the executive branch of the United States. During his first term in office, he could use the Bush Administration has a scapegoat when his campaign vows were ending the War in Iraq and Afghanistan and the worst economic recession in decades failed. However, the implementation of Job Creation Act of 2010 ended in higher taxes for the middle class to pay for Social Security and Medicare, and more insufficient minimum wage, part-time jobs. Blaming Bush does not work any more, people are not buying it. Obama’s second term has been much of the, “let me be clear,”  do-nothing policy pumped full of rhetoric touting hope, change, and metaphorical “red lines.”

Obama and Hillary’s Wilsonian approach to foreign policy has metastasized the global war radical Islamic extremism is waging vis-à-vis coffee shops, theaters, malls, places of gathering in the LGBTQ community, and other soft targets. There have been efforts to target ISIS combatants with drone strikes, but the radical Islamic terrorism group continues to grow on nearly every continent. The United States became the de facto leader around the world beginning with the Naval buildup spearheaded by Theodore Roosevelt while he was Assistant Secretary of the Navy and then President. Such an event in the evolution of a nation requires a great leader to take hold of the reins of the geopolitical machine that drives the world. Such a character is usually brash, but always truthful. They are a realist that identifies with nearly every American citizen. An executive with nearly identical style comes around few times over the course of history. A person who has the intrepid wherewithal that energizes the population to liberate them into thinking for themselves, taking charge of their own lives, and crawling out of the victim category of the government’s eye.

A Hillary Clinton presidency will be a continuation of the political, social, and economic chaos that the current administration has allowed to happen. Clinton even announced at a Nebraska campaign stop in August that, “We are going to raise taxes on the middle class.” Considering she did not recant the statement, her promises for proposals on tax cuts are as empty as her pants suit. As countless lies rocket out of the vacuous Clinton campaign, “Crooked Hillary,” as dubbed by Trump, is failing to resonate to the entirety of her base. The Clinton campaign is taking a new direction from promoting their candidate to sabotaging Trump’s legitimacy and stifling the “Never Hillary” movement. They have shifted their focus from policy issues to character. This presidential race is historic by changing the elemental political drive from ideological to character-driven. Clinton is attempting to define Trump as a danger to the country whose xenophobic views and narcissistic personality will ruin America. These are only well-placed distractions aimed to shift the focus away from the surreptitious moves the “Clinton Gang” are making political chessboard.

Although there are still voters in the “Never Trump” wagon, Trump has shown he is getting in line with establishment Republicans by taking judgement from bold conservatives and strict constitutionalists. His vice presidential nominee Indiana Governor Mike Pence was an art-of-the-deal pick for such a cause just before the Cleveland Republican Convention in July. Pence’s staunch conservatism and lengthy political résumé reassured the GOP leadership in Congress to kill the efforts taken by those supporting the more conservative Republican presidential candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz to knock off Trump. Furthermore, the business giant showed he is on board with rebuilding and uniting the Republican Party with his full and unfledged endorsements of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senators John McCain of Arizona and New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte during the 2016 campaign. Likewise, his brand has filled arenas and convention centers with thousands more outside. Donald Trump continues to have an enormous following of disaffected voters whom are searching for a leader who, “tell it like it is.” Considering an increasing number of potential voters have grown disdain for the former Secretary of State, the Republican presidential nominee should be surging in the polls. However, Clinton is leading in nearly every poll – causing a lopsided look at the political opinions of the populous.

Since the beginning of the 2016 presidential primary season, siding with the Manhattan mogul will have you targeted by the politically correct media. Any ideological policy issue Trump pushes forward, regardless of its merit, is immediately shunned by the media mob. In congruence, those on the “Trump Train” and any of his supporters are labeled as bigoted, racist, sexist, homosexual intolerant, Islamic-hating xenophobes. Any serious inquiry made into either candidate and one has to have committed a grave social faux pas that leaves an imprint of misguided and misinformed political logic from which nothing more than mindless banter is created. Regardless of polling statistics, there is a major political overhaul occurring. The way in which Donald Trump is sending his message is hitting potential voters.

This election is beyond Trump; he is a larger than life character that can fill the position of president at this point in America’s history. His tenacity and business acumen has made him a worldwide figure. He is an apolitical actor that has fashioned new rules of campaigning and delivering messages. The “blue-collar billionaire” is someone who will defend the rights and the way of life of every U.S. citizen. Trump already knows he has won the election. While Hillary Clinton attends fundraisers and takes to Twitter to tweet disgusting remarks about the Republican presidential candidate, he is in Mexico City meeting with President Enrique Peña Nieto and making international deals that will influence the two nations for generations to come. He is representing the United States before even getting the necessary 241 electoral votes to run the country due to the massive miscommunication and malfunction that has been the historically inactive Obama Administration. Clinton’s lies will be an extension of the social, political, and economic languish that is taking the United States out of contention of being the best she can be. Donald J. Trump is the individual leviathan that has the aptitude to institute a rebirth of republicanism to guide America through the 21st century.

Opinion by Alex Lemieux

Originally published by Millennial Ascent



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