SOTU: ‘Peddling Fiction’

The State of the Union Address, yes, a time when Americans are rallied into an amorphous, patriotic blob with words of hope, change, and charges to the opposite side of the aisle that never seem to amount to anything but political cannon fodder. Nonetheless, President Obama must have saved his best pass for last, presumably.

When you look at where the nation is today, yes, Obama has done some good things. Although the federal healthcare system is unfinished at best, there is now a base with which we can build and shape to make better and allow more Americans to have access to medical resources.

However, ISIS (ISL, IS, Islamic State, radical Islamic fundamental extremists, “killers and fanatics,” and any other anagrams and phrases used by the administration) is running rampant around the world. More than 50 percent of Americans are make less than $30,000 per year.

Even though the President regrets that he could not fix the, “rancor and suspicion within the parties,” he fails to acknowledge it was his administration that erected the dividing wall between the two sides of Congress. Obama has great skill in building walls between people domestically, but cannot seem to draw a red line others cannot cross.

Stating that the nation is, “stronger than ever,” as exclaimed by the president, is, “peddling fiction.”



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